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"Hacking the Xbox, Special Limited Edition" is out of print. What does that mean for my order placed through your website?

Your order will be fulfilled according to the schedule below. Being out of print only means that new orders will not be taken. 

Has my order shipped yet?

The order shipping status is:

  • All domestic orders have been shipped, and most domestic orders should expect delivery by 6/28/2003.

  • All global priority [international] orders have been shipped as of today, 6/25/2003. Many global priority orders can expect delivery by July 1st, 2003.

You should have received your book at this time. If you have not, please email me and we'll figure it out. I've had a couple of books returned for various addressing issues--most people I've contacted already but some have not yet responded, perhaps my contact info is out of date or incorrect.



It has been made aware to me that about 100 international mailing labels were slightly mis-addressed (I had shifted the suite name up by one row on a series of labels). If you have not received your order yet, PLEASE email immediately and I will resend your order [please note that I will be out of the office until August 6th, I appreciate your patience]. 


Please do not initiate a chargeback, it is a big pain for me to deal with a chargeback. I am currently trying to trace through all the corrupted addresses; you should expect an email by early August if I think you may be one of the unlucky ones. 


Order status last updated on 7/24/2003. 

The shipping schedule is late because a mechanical problem at the printer's--a dented ink transfer roll, apparently. This resulted in an ink "hole" in the printed text on several of the pages. They had to reprint the entire second printing. Better that they caught the problem before the books were shipped...

See pictures of your order arriving and leaving my place!



































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